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Nostalgic Guide

- Strolls to Shrine, Retro cityscape and Aokigahara Jukai(Mystical sea of Trees)and Craftwork -

  • 3 時間
  • 15,000円
  • 富士吉田市|富士河口湖町


Fujiyoshida city, Yamanashi prefecture is well known for “Chureito Pagoda” and a trailhead of Mt.Fuji. This city is also famous for the area of producing textiles that have lasted since 1000 years ago. Firstly, we will go to Shimoyoshida district which has many textile factories. This is also a drinking quarter called “Nishiura”. This area has a nostalgic atmosphere and was re-evaluated as a restored town of Showa era. It was reborn as “Shinsekai Kanpai street” nowadays. We will walk to local spots, such as renovated Japanese pubs and cool wine bars combined with retro and modern parts. *Showa is a Japanese era name from 1928 to 1989. While watching a nostalgic cityscape there, let’s enjoy the Mt.Fuji view spot called “Kanatorii”! This has a big torii, shrine gate, and Shimenawa, a sacred festoon and you can take a picture of Mt.Fuji through their gaps. Kanatorii was built in the middle of the road for showing Mt.Fuji worship and called Sanctuary entrance.So, this still stands there as a sacred building. Leaving this area, we will visit some spiritual places around Kawaguchiko lake which is most prosperous in the Five lakes of Mt. Fuji. “Kawaguchi Asama Shrine” which has a torii in the sky. Then, moving to the shooting spot, “Ubuyagasaki” The photographs combining Nature and Modernity must be photogenic! Driving from the shooting spots that are modern and scenic to the lakeside, we are going to“Saiko lake” also known as “Blue lake” that is the most transparent and rustic of the five lakes . Afterwards, we will walk into “Aokigahara Jukai”, the sacred sea of trees next to Saiko lake. Then, we will visit “Saiko Iyashi no Sato Nenba”, where traditional Japanese houses with thatched-roofs stand in a row. This place has various landscapes season by season like the original state in Japan. Time rolling slowly and leisurely, please enjoy your special time in a beautiful Japanese village by imagining there were livelihoods by people in ancient times. 「Craftworks」 You can experience needlework, pottery, handicraft and incense making in a thatched-roof house. You will be guided gently by the staff and make your own stuff ! So, how about this plan ! This plan is our original one by A_STAND. Apply if you are interested through our chat or e-mail!! ※Reservations can be made by clicking on “GO NOW!” or by chat or e-mail. Kimono rental Kaleidoscope-crafting Sachet-crafting Drawstring bag (Mt.Fuji silk used ) Strap-crafting with crape Pottery-crafting ※With extra fee.


  • 日本、山梨県富士吉田市


  • 日本、〒401-0305 山梨県南都留郡富士河口湖町大石2525番地の11先


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